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Cadence Design Systems, Inc., has graciously provided use of their IC and PCB design software for students of our college. In our effort to provide both our undergraduate and graduates with real-world experience we are gradually incorporating the use of advanced EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software in the teaching and research in VLSI design and VLSI Design Automation. Software such as that provided by Cadence allows the students to acquire valuable experience in all phases of the design, simulation and testing of analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits as well as board-level designs.

Classes using Cadence EDA Tools:

Course #
Course Title
Student Count
CSCE 4730 VLSI Design CSE 05 students
CSCE 5730 CMOS VLSI Design CSE 25  students
CSCE 5740 Topics in Modern Electronic System Design CSE 30  students
CSCE 5910 Special Problems CSE 5 students
CSCE 5933
Topics in VLSI Systems
CSE 12  students
CSCE 5934 Directed Study CSE 5 students
CSCE 5950 Master's Thesis CSE 5 students
CSCE 6940 Individual Research CSE 5 students
CSCE 6731 Advanced Topics in VLSI Systems CSE 12 students
CSCE 6950 Doctoral Dissertation CSE 5 studets
ENGR 2405 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering ETEC 30 students
ENGR 2750 Introduction to Microcontrollers ETEC 20 students
ELET 3720 Electronics I ETEC 40 students
ELET 3740 Electronics II ETEC 40 students
ELET 3750 Digital Systems ETEC 20 students
ELET 4710 High Frequency Systems I ETEC 15 students
ELET 4770 High Frequency Systems II ETEC 15 students
EENG 4710 VLSI Design EENG 25 students
MSES 5300 Embedded Systems ETEC 20 students
ELET 5340 Digital Logic Design ETEC 20 students
EENG 5310 Analog Integrated Circuit Design EENG 25 students
EENG 5540 Digital Integrated Design EENG 25 students


College of Engineering Cadence Contacts:

Technical Contact:

Jim Byford
Technical Contact IT Manager
College of Engineering
email: jim.byford@unt.edu

Faculty Contacts:

Dr. Saraju Mohanty
Computer Science and Engineering
email: saraju.mohanty@unt.edu

Dr. Elias Kougianos
Engineering Technology
email: eliask@unt.edu

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